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Zest Locator Attachments & Accessories

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Locator Extended Range Replacement Male, Green, Includes 4 RITTM-08547-RT-SB
Locator 35Ncm Torque Wrench Driver, 15mm RITTM-08260-RT-SB
Locator Abutment Driver, Gold End RITTM-08390-RT-SB
Locator Core Tool RITTM-08393-RT-SB
Locator Impression Coping, Includes 4 RITTM-08505-RT-SB
Locator Black Processing Replacement Male, Includes 4 RITTM-08515-RT-SB
Locator Parallel Post, Includes 4 RITTM-08517-RT-SB
Locator Male Processing Package, Includes 2 RITTM-08519-2-RT-SB
Locator Replacement Male, Clear, Includes 4 RITTM-08524-RT-SB
Locator Light Retention Replacement Male, Pink, Includes 4 RITTM-08527-RT-SB
Locator Extra Light Retention Repl. Male, Blue, Includes 4 RITTM-08529-RT-SB
Locator Female Analog 4mm diam., Includes 4 RITTM-08530-RT-SB
Locator Extra Light Extended Range Male, Red, Includes 4 RITTM-08548-RT-SB
Locator Non-Retentive Replacement Male, Gray, Includes 4 RITTM-08558-RT-SB
Locator Extended Range Replacement Male, orange, Includes 4 RITTM-08915-RT-SB
Locator Angle Measurement Guide RITTM-09530-RT-SB
Abutment Driver Manual RITTM-10028-01
Retention Ball Driver RITTM-10042-01
Low Retention Insert (4 Pack) RITTM-30002-01
Medium Retention Insert (4 Pack) RITTM-30003-01
High Retention Insert (4 Pack) RITTM-30004-01
Retention Insert Tool RITTM-30021-01
LOCATOR R-Tx, 4X Macro Model RITTM-30053-01
F-Tx Attachment System, High Retention Ball RITTM-10035-01
LOCATOR F-Tx Seating and Removal Tool RITTM-10100
LOCATOR F-Tx, 4X Macro Model RITTM-10153-01